“Awesome book! I'm already planning to give this out to every couple that I counsel as a requirement during premarital counseling. I also believe that every married couple should read this book at least once a year. Even if you believe you already know the information, this book helps you refine key areas in your marriage. It also makes you look at yourself. I could go on and on...This book is the marriage counselor that you wish you had. It is thought provoking, challenging and encouraging all at the same time. Pastor Tucker, gives a clear biblical definition of marriage and God's original intent. "The Two Will Become One Flesh" is a must read for both the married and unmarried alike.”
Japheth L. Claude, Ph.D, Author & Motivational Speaker, CEO of 100 Fold Literary Works, LLC

"The Two Will Become One Flesh” is a thought provoking manual for engaged and married Christian couples.  Pastor Tucker uses a conversational tone to provide biblical insight on love, relationships, and marriage. This book will make an excellent addition to your family library and is also a great reference tool that couples can read together.”
Yuvetta Cash, Executive Pastor and Director of Christian Education, FLOW Church, Bowie MD

"The Two Will Become One Flesh is a book that all men and women should read, whether you are single, engaged or married. With each anointed chapter you begin to see marriage through the eyes of Christ. This book will show you that marriage is based not on feelings but on a covenant relationship. All who read it will be able to find at least one area that you can identify with and possibly more. You will also get a few laughs. Every Pastor should have a copy of this book to help counsel couples before they become husband and wife!"-Elder Cynthia Branham

"Like a carpenter needs a tape measure, the married must have this book! It will prepare you for marriage, repair a damaged marriage, and revolutionize a seasoned marriage. Pastor Tucker has hit a home run!" 
Pastors Boyd & Camillie Bullock-The Haven, Durham, NC

“It’s the enemy's attempt to discredit God's plan and purpose of marriage. But in The Two Will Become One Flesh, Pastor Tucker writes with clarity and accuracy on this most important subject, marriage. He gives the reader insight not just the know-how of marriage but he gives us all the how-to s of marriage. After being married for twenty-seven years I can identify someone that not only writes about what he knows but lives what they know. I encourage married as well as singles who are considering marriage to get this book and allow it to educate you on the dynamics on how to have a fortified marriage.”
Apostle Ray McQueen FLCCI, Lynchburg VA

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What People Are Saying About The Two Will Become One Flesh
By Pastor Lewis L. Tucker Jr.