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Damaged Goods
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10 Reasons Why You Need To Read DAMAGED GOODS.

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ISBN: 978-1-4327-2872-4
Format 5.5 X 8.5
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1 …the majority of women fall into the category that I call "Damaged Goods".

2 …often times the most precious gifts are the most fragile, and although they may look good on the outside, they can be broken on the inside.

3 …Most have been mistreated in some manner or another, and whether they have been physically, verbally, or sexually abused, it leaves them emotionally wounded and mentally scarred.

4 … And after a while she begins to wonder is she the problem, saying stuff like, "Why can’t I find the right guy, why do I always attract the crazy ones, is there something wrong with me, does God not want me to be happy?"

"Why is it that so many women go through these cycles?…

5 … too many women go from relationship to relationship because of fear of being alone. And this is what the enemy wants because you never get a chance to heal, so that if God sends you the right man you’ll run him away.

6 … many women allow themselves to be used and abused by men simply because they feel like they need a man, like they can’t be alone. They’ve con-vinced themselves that they can’t make it by them-selves, and that’s why they’ll settle for anything."

7 … But In order to have a healthy relationship you must be able to identify what love is and what love ain’t. You see the enemy has taken advantage of low self-esteem, lack of self-love, and popular opinion and made many of you believe that your worth is tied to a man, that your identity is defined in a man, so that you think you are incomplete without one, and that’s why you spend so much of your time and energy looking for one to love, but you can no longer accept abuse and mistreatment masquerading in the name of love,

8 … Because You can’t love a man … until you first learn how to love you. And you‘ll never learn how to love you, until you learn how to love your Father.

9 … You are complete in him. … don’t you ever let the enemy tell you, you can’t make it by yourself, that you can’t be alone, that you need a man, Jesus is all the man you’ll ever need.

10 …because you mean too much to your Father and nothing but the best will do for Daddy’s little girl.